Gazette 25 November 2010

Calls for wholesale training reform

Pressure mounted for sweeping reform of the education and training of lawyers this week, as regulators announced a root-and-branch review of the current framework. Research seen by the Gazette revealed that there are currently three times more final-year law students who want to become solicitors than there are places available.

30 November 2000

Privacy case triumph

Solicitor-advocate David Price claimed last week to have secured the first win on the basis of infringement of privacy following the introduction of the Human Rights Act 1998. Price acted in an action against Associated Newspapers for malicious falsehood, breach of confidence and infringement of privacy.  

21 November 1990

Mackay criticises Society’s decision

Two recent moves by the Law Society’s Council – the decision to allow solicitors to describe themselves as specialists and the decision not to compel solicitors to disclose their charges – have been roundly criticised by the lord chancellor. Lord Mackay also said the Society – and the bar – should overcome their distrust of, and resistance to, the introduction of multi-disciplinary practices.

26 November 1980

Final Examination results

After all the hoo-ha (or unjustified speculation) about the outcome of the first of the new Final Examinations, it is gratifying to observe that, without emergency meetings, special reviews of marks or anything of the kind, the exam has produced a 55% pass rate.

November 1940

Magistrates as air-raid wardens

Mr R. Etherton asked the home secretary, in view of the varying practice in different parts of the country, to indicate whether justices who also act as special constables should sit when police prosecutions are being considered, and whether justices who are air-raid wardens should sit when lighting and similar offences are being considered.