17 September 2009

Firms shut down ahead of PII renewal

Law firms of various sizes have begun to close down ahead of the professional indemnity insurance renewal deadline, with others contemplating closure to avoid paying PII premiums for the second year running, the Gazette has learned. Conveyancing firms, and firms that have done conveyancing in the past, are finding themselves hardest hit.

15 September 1999

Straw attacks civil liberties lawyers

Criminal law solicitors were incensed this week after the home secretary, Jack Straw (pictured), attacked civil liberties lawyers for failing to support his controversial measures to curb anti-social behaviour. Mr Straw said he was ‘particularly disappointed’ by the response of ‘so-called civil liberties lawyers’ to anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs).

20 September 1989

Outdated image tarnishes solicitors’ good value

Solicitors emerge from a new public opinion survey with a favourable enough report card but with no cause for complacency in a fiercely competitive market. Ranked with other professions, solicitors came in third after NHS doctors and bank managers, with accountants a close fourth and estate agents well down the order.

Law centres – what next?

It now seems certain that the changes proposed by the local authority in the operation of the law centres of the London borough of Wandsworth will go ahead. The situation in Wandsworth ought to stimulate some thought throughout the profession about the proper role of law centres and what their development should take. There may be an argument for law centres to be supported by some kind of graduated levy on firms above a certain size.