Law Society Gazette 18 February 2010

Breaking the glass ceiling

Mr McFadden asks: ‘Are we really saying that the talent and ability of young people in this country is concentrated in the 7% at private school rather than being equally spread across location, race and background?’ To my mind, this is disingenuous. The real issue is that the 93% of students not attending private school are far less likely to have been provided with the skills and tools necessary to obtain a professional qualification.

17 February 2000

Press round-up

‘Activists and communists’ from Europe will soon run British justice, a typically temperate headline in the Mail on Sunday revealed this week. Cottoning on to the fact that the Human Rights Act will, in October, incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, the paper declared that ‘the power enjoyed by lawyers under the new system may pose an equal or even greater threat to democracy’ than abuses by the state. 

14 February 1990

Bar paves the way for TV courts

The bar is to seek amendments to the Broadcasting Bill which would allow a pilot project of television and radio broadcasting of courts and tribunal proceedings. This decision follows the publication of a working party report on televising the courts. The report argues televising court proceedings would lead to more open justice. 

February 1970

The right to privacy

It is good news that the government has decided to set up a committee to consider whether legislation is needed to give further protection to the individual citizen and to commercial and industrial interests against intrusions into privacy by private persons and organisations or by companies.

February 1950

Howl please!

A recent test paper at the Law Society’s School of Law included the following:  ‘Horse racing is not illegal unless it takes place in a common gaming house.’