Gazette 19 March 2009

Tories mull aid top-up

A future Conservative government may look to the private sector to top up the legal aid budget, the Gazette has learned. Tory policymakers are considering how legal aid could be financed if they take power at the next general election. Earlier this month, Lord Chancellor Jack Straw suggested that some legal aid lawyers could face cuts in earnings as part of government reforms. 

17 March 1999

Bug hope for solicitors

The millennium bug is not only survivable but its impact on the lives of solicitors will be marginal, a new book on Y2K has predicted. Year 2000 Compliance: A lawyer’s guide to surviving the millennium bug, by Charles Christian, is the most comprehensive guide for solicitors on this subject so far. 

15 March 1989

Status for solicitor advocates

The green paper proposals to extend rights of audience in the higher courts have led to some fairly vitriolic comments from the bench and the bar as to our competence as advocates and, it would appear, our integrity to conduct cases fearlessly and honestly. This is, of course, wholly predictable.

21 March 1979

Alexandra Palace

On 14 February I was due to sit the commercial law paper at Alexandra Palace. Delays on British Rail owing to the weather followed by a reluctant taxi driver prevented me arriving until 35 minutes after the start of the exam – five minutes too late to sit the paper. Some 20 more people were similarly caught out. 

March 1939

National service

The Council of the Law Society take the view that the qualifications of solicitors are such that solicitors can be of special service to the country in time of war. The council therefore propose to form a register of all solicitors with special regard to information which may be required in the event of a national emergency or an outbreak of war.