Law Society Gazette, 18 August 2011

Society moves to shut down Solicitors from Hell

The Law Society has sent a letter of claim to the owner of the Solicitors from Hell website as it prepared to launch a class action against him. More than 300 individual solicitors, law firms and others have joined the action. 

9 August 2001

Lawyers face threat of organised crime

Solicitors risk serious threats of violence from the world’s most powerful international crime groups, and could be involved in up to half of the money laundering transactions reported last year to the National Criminal Investigations Service, it emerged this week. 

28 August 1991

UK firms stay calm through Soviet crisis

Last week’s turbulent events in the Soviet Union have put several English law firms on edge, but none of those either with formal offices in that country or doing substantial business there has so far announced a pull out.

August 1961

Do not abandon hope

Now that it looks as if we have got to be some sort of Europeans, whether we like it or not, the hideous possibility arises that English lawyers will have to make the acquaintance of continental systems of law. The fact I am an average solicitor may qualify me to comfort those of my professional brethren who stand in terror of frogs’ legs, foreign languages and irregular verbs.

August 1941

Honours and awards

The Distinguished Flying Cross has

been awarded to Trevor Sidney Wade, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, for gallantry in flying operations against the enemy. He has destroyed at least six enemy planes. Mr Wade is articled to John Seymour Wade of the firm Benham, Synnott & Wade.