3 September 2009


Creating the Supreme Court ‘as a result of what appears to have been a last-minute decision over a glass of whisky’ seems to verge on the frivolous, Lord Neuberger tells me. The law lord believes that taking Britain’s final court of appeal out of parliament should have been considered as part of a much wider review. 

2 September 1999

Irvine tempts solicitors with legal aid

The lord chancellor, Lord Irvine, has agreed to extend legal aid to representation before immigration adjudicators and appeals tribunals after fears that too few solicitors’ firms would be willing to handle immigration work under contracting.  

September 1969

Whether it is professionally proper

In general, a solicitor should not carry on business as a bookmaker or be actively engaged in such. Nevertheless, it would not in the council’s view be improper for a solicitor to be a director of a public company, whose shares are quoted on a recognised stock exchange, which carries on the business of a bookmaker. This view is subject to the proviso that a solicitor should not in any way be concerned in the day-to-day activities of the company.  

September 1959

The solicitor and the Joneses

In the first half of the last century solicitors tended to be almost entirely the products of the grammar schools, and perhaps, from 1833 onwards, of the lectures begun in that year by the Law Institution. If there had then been any Gazette in which to advertise for a partner or assistant, it is unlikely that any advertiser who stipulated ‘public school essential’ would have received many replies. 

September 1939

The Law Society

The Society’s offices have been temporarily transferred to 142 Newtown Road, Newbury, Berks. The Society’s premises in Chancery Lane will remain open for the use of members so long as circumstances permit.