Law Society Gazette

23 September 2010

Legal brand to launch national franchise

A new legal brand run by a former solicitor is to launch as a national franchise next April to compete with new market entrants when alternative business structures are sanctioned in October 2011. will provide referrals to member firms and support back-office operations. The move is the latest in a string of law firm branding initiatives including Quality Solicitors, the Legal Alliance and LawNet.

21 September 2000

Solicitors closer to bench

Solicitors could find the path to becoming a judge easier under government plans to establish assessment centres for those seeking judicial appointment. Lord Irvine, the lord chancellor, said work would commence shortly on a pilot scheme.

19 September 1990

First legal ombudsman

The first legal services ombudsman for England and Wales has an impressive background in consumer affairs. Michael Barnes, 58, currently director of the UK Immigrants Advisory Service, was appointed to the key post earlier this week.

October 1980

Hong Kong: 1997 and after

So what will happen? Practical politics preclude a unilateral declaration of independence. It would be disastrous to continue to exist in the present murky twilight zone after 1997 – living under British rule negates the development of a Hong Kong identity. And yet a Hong Kong ‘identity’ is something Peking does not want.

September 1940

War zone courts regulations

These regulations provide for the establishment of ‘war zone courts’ which are to be superior courts of record for securing the trial and punishment of offenders in any places in England in which by reason of recent or immediately apprehended enemy action the military situation is such that criminal justice cannot be administered by the ordinary courts with sufficient expedition.