The Gazette, 24 February 2011

Clients back ‘name and shame’ policy

Consumers are generally in favour of ‘naming and shaming’ law firms that are subject to complaints, but would only expect information to be published when a firm has had three complaints upheld against it in 12 months, according to research. The findings of a series of focus groups also indicated that consumers are ‘in awe’ of solicitors and reluctant to complain about them. 

22 February 2001

Night courts plan ‘vastly expensive’

Criminal practitioners have expressed serious doubts about the financial and practical viability of the 24-hour court system proposed last week by the Metropolitan Police commissioner. Malcolm Fowler, chairman of the Law Society’s criminal law committee, said the scheme would be ‘vastly expensive’.

20 February 1991

Judicial appointments

The Law Society’s discussion document on judicial appointments is expected to suggest that two fundamental and interlinked changes are crucial to the achievement of a more representative bench. These are the broadening of the criteria for selecting judges and of the categories of selector.

25 February 1981

Contempt of Court Bill

There is general agreement that reform of the law of contempt is long overdue. One suspects that legislation might have taken still longer to appear had it not been for the decision of the European Court in the Sunday Times case, in which it was held that English law was excessively restrictive of comment and thus conflicted with the European Human Rights Convention.

February 1971

Society should start a racing car club

I would like the Law Society’s Racing and Sports Car Club to field a team of cars in the Formula Ford championship. This would not only provide good sport for the participating members, but also do something to contribute to the Society’s public interest, which is regrettably Dickensian.