23 October 2008

Regulation: ‘There are no “no-go” areas’ 

Lord Hunt of Wirral has stressed that he has a ‘completely open mind’ on the likely outcome of his profession-wide review of regulation. The former cabinet minister, the solicitor David Hunt, said he had agreed his own terms of reference for the exercise, which was commissioned by the Law Society. 

21 October 1998

Loser pays

The Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, confirmed this week that success fees and insurance premiums in conditional fee agreements would be recoverable from the losing party. He said that it was right that people should receive compensation awarded by courts ‘without having to suffer any deduction’ from the amount. 

20 October 1988

Law in focus: Spycatcher

Ex-MI5 officer Peter Wright featured in volumes of newsprint last week when five Law Lords unanimously endorsed the British media’s right to publish extracts from his memoirs. Indeed the judgment paves the way for just about anybody, bar Mr Wright himself and his publishers, to comment on and publish the contents of Spycatcher in the UK. 

25 October 1978

Judicial review again

Lord Scarman has again stressed his view that people (and lawyers in particular) should think seriously about the necessity to introduce an effective method for the judicial review of executive acts in this country. 

October 1918

The Roll of Honour

Sewell, Cecil Harold, Lieut. Royal West Kent Regt, attached Tank Corps, was killed in action on the 29th August, aged 23 years. He was educated at Dulwich College, matriculated at London University, and was articled to his father, Mr H. B. Sewell of Greenwich.