24 July 2008

Super regulator names members

Solicitors will make up one-third of the members of the new overarching regulator of legal services, the Ministry of Justice has said. The new Legal Services Board was set up under the 2007 Legal Services Act to simplify regulation and ‘put the consumer first’.

22 July 1998

PI pay-outs could rise by 40%

Lump-sum compensation awards could rise by as much as 40% following a judgment in the House of Lords. It held last week that ‘multipliers’ should be calculated by reference to the returns available from index-linked government bonds, approximately 3% per annum. Previously courts ruled an accident victim would recover returns of 4%-5% per annum – the return assumed from shares.

26 July 1978

Note by Rt Hon Lord Scarman OBE

There are more ways than one of securing an independent judiciary of high quality. The British way happens to be that of appointment from a small body of professional advocates, themselves of high quality and pledged to an independent non-political role in the practice of their profession. On the whole, the system has worked well and is admired worldwide.

July 1958

The Public and the Press

The notion that one section of the Press is to be identified with Mount Sinai, the other with Sodom and Gomorrah, is, said Mr Cudlipp, ‘utter humbug’. Mr Cudlipp would no doubt agree also that if inhabitants of Sodom or Gomorrah were to return to Earth today, they would find a clearer reflection of the good old days back home in some of our newspapers than in others.

July 1918

War Office Certificates of Death

A letter was read and laid on the table from the Lord Chancellor’s Department, stating that it is the practice of the War Office to issue as many certificates both as regards officers and men as they are asked for in each case, also that they make no charge for any certificate.