25 September 2008

Market chaos sparks client money fears

The security of billions of pounds of client money held in UK banks was called into question this week following the apparent near-collapse of HBOS, Britain’s biggest mortgage lender. 

23 September 1998

Limited liability option in sight

The prospect of law firm limited liability partnerships (LLPs) edged closer last week with the publication of a draft bill addressing concerns expressed by the legal profession. But at the same time Peter Mandelson, secretary of state for trade and industry, ruled out any change in the law on joint and several liability. 

21 September 1988

Doubts cast on funding scheme through insurance

Strong doubts about the financial feasibility of funding civil legal aid through an insurance scheme along the lines suggested by Sir Ian Percival QC have been expressed by the Law Society. Sir Ian last week described plans for financing a large part of civil legal aid through a consortium of insurance companies that would be paid a block policy premium by the government. 

27 September 1978 

The Bingham report

The report by Mr RH Bingham QC on ‘The supply of petroleum and petroleum products to Rhodesia’ justifies by its size alone the amount of interest it has aroused. The report makes it entirely clear that as from 1968 the government knew that oil was getting to Rhodesia and was party to a hypocritical and secretive cover-up to disguise that knowledge and keep it from parliament and the public.