Law Society Gazette 26 November 2009

Network’s bid to strengthen solicitor ‘brand’

A national network of independent law firms has launched an online consumer marketing initiative to help secure work referrals and give the firms a strong internet presence. The 65 firms that make up LawNet have banded together to launch a legal referral and advice website.

24 November 1999

Law without frontiers

The Rights to Establishment Directive will allow lawyers from one EU member state to practise under their home title in another member state on a permanent basis. A key feature of the directive is that lawyers are to be subject to local registration and regulation in the country where they are established. This means the Law Society will be required to allow established EU lawyers to participate in its affairs.

29 November 1989

Press freedom

Mr Justice Hoffmann’s ruling that it was in the interests of justice that journalist William Goodwin should reveal the source of leaked information on the financial status of a company will be reviewed by the Court of Appeal today. Mr Goodwin’s solicitors, Bindman & Partners, are hoping the court will overturn the ruling.

28 November 1979

Jury-vetting – a fresh initiative

In the Commons, Alfred Dubs MP was given leave under the ‘10-minute rule’ procedure to introduce a bill to abolish the practice of jury-vetting. The origins of the practice are obscure. It has, according to a statement, ‘been going on at least since 1948’.

December 1969


With the five-year moratorium on hanging for capital murder due to end, we have recently been flooded with a positive deluge of statistics, parts of which will provide ammunition for both abolitionists and those who wish to reinstate the public executioner. Now the time has come for parliament to make up its mind uncompromisingly.