A stroll down Gazette memory lane.

Gazette 29 July 2010

Halliwells administrator’s warning

Professional firms must pay far greater attention to cash management following the break-up of north-west firm Halliwells, the firm’s administrator has warned. A deal to sell Halliwells’ Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield operations to three former rivals was completed last week.

27 July 2000

QC calls for televised courts

Television should be allowed in courtrooms to improve confidence in the justice system, a leading QC said last week. Jonathan Caplan QC, the former chair of the Bar Council’s public affairs committee, said the OJ Simpson, William Kennedy Smith and Louise Woodward cases appeared to be media circuses. But he added: ‘If we are to inspire public confidence in justice then the public should be able to see courts on television.’

25 July 1990

Lawyers rally to defence of EC court

Claims by the anti-federalist Bruges group that the European Court of Justice is trespassing into the political arena to promote the ideal of European political union have caused a stir among lawyers and academics. The report comes hot on the heels of the Factortame case, in which the European court ruled that UK courts had to provide effective remedies where breaches of EC law were found, even where this meant suspending the operation of a UK act of parliament.

August 1970

Law and order

With the general election recent history and a new Conservative government picking up the reins of office, it would not be inappropriate to consider that party’s views on the question of law and order. Sir John Waldron’s report shows that, in the Metropolis, indictable crime rose during 1969 by 7.5% while Colonel Sir Eric St Johnstone reveals in his report that outside London the increase was 6.1%. Not unnaturally both reports mention the problems of protest and demonstration with which our police forces have been, and are being, faced more and more.