Law Society Gazette 4 February 2010

City know-how aids law centres

The Ministry of Justice has launched a pilot initiative to harness City firms’ know-how to ensure law centres across the country are run in the most efficient way possible. The project will also identify potential sources of funding for different aspects of law centres’ work.

3 February 2000

City solicitor claims to have first internet-only law firm

A City solicitor has launched an online legal service that claims to be the first internet-only law firm. FirstLAW will offer free legal advice as well as referring its clients to other firms. It is the brainchild of Anthony Armitage, a property partner at City law firm Davies Arnold Cooper.

February 1970

Proposed new Camberwell Court

It is understood that the accommodation will include a suite of five first-floor rooms, four to be consultation rooms and a fifth for advocates, with separate toilet accommodation. Six telephone extensions are being reserved for advocates’ use, with a coin-box telephone outside the advocates’ suite. Parking facilities have been promised.   

February 1960

Some major implications of legal aid

Legal aid in 1950 may have seemed to be peripheral – an optional extra grafted upon the legal system. In 1960 it is seen to be central. How will it seem in 1970? The answer will depend upon the quality of thought devoted to it by lawyers of every kind as the years go by. 

February 1940

Minutes of the Special General Meeting

The President: On the opposite wall is a roll of honour, bearing the names of the members of the Society who gave their lives in the last war. The material for a new roll of honour is now accumulating; not – thank God! – very fast. We who are left at home must hope and pray that, by some miracle, its further growth will be arrested altogether.