Law Society Gazette 1 April 2010

Consumer call for competence test

Lawyers should undergo competence testing every five years and the advice they provide to clients should be peer reviewed, the chairwoman of the Legal Services Consumer Panel has said.

30 March 2000

Freshfields merger examination

Freshfields is planning a May wedding with its second German bride, Bruckhaus Westrick Heller Löber – a match that will have to be investigated by the German cartel authorities. It will be only the second time they have investigated a law firm merger.

28 March 1990

Lawyers anticipate increase in medical negligence actions

The change of rules to extend legal aid to children under 16 from next week is being awaited by lawyers in the personal injury and medical negligence fields. Many anticipate an upsurge in the number of applications for legal aid to bring actions where brain damage occurred at birth.

2 April 1980

A real budget

Over the years, we have been too inclined to regard the budget statement and the annual Finance Act as occasions when the chancellor of the exchequer hands out money and we pay scant attention to our national finances. This year, we have been reminded that it is the chancellor’s task to balance the national budget. A substantial part of this year’s budget statement is devoted to measures that should enable that process to take place.

April 1970

European reciprocity

European-minded solicitors will be encouraged by the views of Mr W Bisdom, an eminent Dutch lawyer. Mr Bisdom is of the opinion that, if we go into the Common Market, solicitors would be entitled to represent their clients before the European Court. The day may yet come in this country where a lawyer’s office will be incomplete if it does not contain standard works of reference on European law.