29 September 1999

Society: ‘Scrap bench secret soundings’

The Law Society this week called for the ‘19th century’ system of appointing judges to be scrapped and told the lord chancellor that it would refuse to participate in any more ‘secret soundings’. In its submission to Sir Leonard Peach’s inquiry into judicial appointments, the Society called for an independent commission to oversee the process.

27 September 1989

Euro judges sworn in

Twelve members of the new European Court of First Instance, established by the European Court of Justice, were sworn in. Case delays are now running at two years and, though the new court will not handle dumping cases for its first two years, it is expected to relieve the superior court of a great many other cases. 

1 October 2009

Jackson considers raising small claims limit

Lord Justice Jackson

Lord Justice Jackson has hinted that he might recommend increasing the small claims limit for personal injury cases if there is no deal on fast-track fixed claims, the Gazette can reveal. His last public address before going into report-writing purdah is being seen as a warning shot across the bows of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.  

3 October 1979

Report of the Royal Commission on Legal Services

The main recommendations of the Royal Commission, in the order in which they appear, are as follows: 1: The demand for the services of lawyers will grow, the profession should plan accordingly; 2: When the decisions arising out of the report have been implemented, the profession should have a period of orderly development; 3: The profession should wherever possible take measures to remove the causes of its indifferent public image.