Law Society Gazette 5 March 2009

Research confirms bar salary divide

Widely held suspicions that white male barristers earn far more than their female and ethnic-minority colleagues have been confirmed by unpublished research commissioned by the Bar Council. It shows the average gross billed income of self-employed practitioners is £178,000 – but men earn £100,000 more than women. 

3 March 1999

Lawrence letter

The Stephen Lawrence case was a ‘classic example of this country’s failure to build equality into the culture of one of our most important institutions – the police,’ says Law Society deputy vice-president Kamlesh Bahl in an open letter to the Prime Minister. 

8 March 1989

High street practice under threat 

High street general practice will be a very uncomfortable place for a solicitor to be if the green paper proposal to allow institutions to do conveyancing goes through. The warning comes from Roger Smith, director of the Legal Action Group. 

March 1969

Solicitors’ remuneration

It will have been no surprise to the profession that on 24 February the Attorney-General stated in reply to a Parliamentary question that the Lord Chancellor and First Secretary of State are proposing to make arrangements for the Prices and Incomes Board to keep solicitors’ remuneration under continuous review. The Attorney-General said that after the report of the board ‘it will be for the statutory committees to prescribe new scales of charges’. 

March 1949

Notes of the month

Mr Angelo Colarossi, who died recently, spent 40 years of his life as a solicitor’s clerk in the service of the late Mr J.E. Churchill of 15 Craven St. In his youth, however, he was an artists’ model and posed for Alfred Gilbert, the sculptor, who immortalised him as the winged figure – miscalled ‘Eros’ – surmounting the Shaftesbury Fountain in Piccadilly Circus.