A stroll down Gazette memory lane

Gazette 7 July 2011

Land Registry drops e-transfer move

The Land Registry has shelved plans to introduce electronic transfers with e-signatures and written off nearly £11m spent developing the scheme. The registry said it had decided to put the development ‘on hold’ for the ‘immediate future’, while maintaining it was not abandoning work on electronic conveyancing.

5 July 2001

Online conveyancing will cut waiting time to three weeks

The regime of electronic conveyancing that will reduce the waiting period between handshake and contract from eight to three weeks should be in place by 2005, it was predicted last week.

3 July 1991

Mandatory life

The House of Commons rejected an attempt by the House of Lords to abolish the mandatory life sentence for murder. An amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill was defeated by a majority of 78.

8 July 1981

The Royal Marriages Act - an obsolete relic?

It might seem hard to imagine what Mr Michael Foot, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the prime minister of Fiji might have in common, but they, along with 24 of their colleagues, were present in Buckingham Palace on 27 March when the Queen in Privy Council gave formal consent to the marriage of the Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer.

July 1961

Education and training of solicitors

The Council have published details of the proposed new scheme of training and education which they plan to introduce in 1963. Council consider that the present standard for entry into the profession based on the General Certificate of Education is too low. They realise that the proposed raising of this standard to university entrance may have the effect of excluding from the profession a number of people who would become good solicitors, but this may happen whatever standard is applied.