6 November 2008

Boris rapped over legal snub 

The Mayor of London’s decision not to invite City lawyers on to his high-level economic crisis group has drawn criticism from the City of London Law Society. The group, tasked with helping London through the downturn, will meet regularly to discuss the effects of the current economic malaise. 

4 November 1998

Irvine scales down legal service plans

Amid a flurry of activity on legal aid this week, the Lord Chancellor revealed his plans for a scaled-down community legal service while the Legal Aid Board announced a new generic franchise category and launched its medical negligence franchise scheme. 

9 November 1998

Law lords deal blow to privilege

The relative ease with which legal professional privilege may now be overridden in criminal cases is causing the Law Society some concern. In a case involving a suspected drug trafficker (as a third party) the Law Lords agreed by a three-to-two majority that the criminal purpose of a third party could override client privilege even where there was no suggestion that the client or the solicitor was involved in the criminal purpose. 

8 November 1978

‘Bionic’ lawyer

An electronic ‘legal adviser’ is being drawn up by Midland solicitors, who are planning to transmit an index of hundreds of thousands of court cases on a multi-million-pound television/computer system, coordinated by the Post Office. 

November 1968

Is the profession being driven to strike action?

The choice before the profession is either to say that any form of strike is abhorrent and to suffer the consequences or to say that in their own interest and in the interests of the future of the profession and of standards generally, a stand must be made. My own view is that a policy of appeasement so far as the government is concerned will not lead to harmony and will result in rapid erosion of the solicitor’s position.