Law Society Gazette, 17 February 2011

QualitySolicitors opens 100 new branches

National legal brand QualitySolicitors opens 100 new branches today, the Gazette can reveal. The new member firms will take the total number of QS-branded branches to 175. QS chief executive Craig Holt predicted that the QS brand will have captured 5% of the UK legal services market for private client and SMEs by the end of 2011.

8 February 2001

Common concern for new tenure

The draft Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill received a cautious welcome in the House of Lords last week despite concern that the mechanism to turn properties into commonholds may prove unworkable. The requirement that all residents have to agree in order to convert a property from leasehold to commonhold was criticised by several peers. 

13 February 1991

Prosecuting war crimes

Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and the ensuing hostilities have shown Iraqi violations of the laws and customs of war. The US and the UK have each made express statements that they would hold offenders accountable for violations of the law, and each country’s manual of military law may help clarify that position.

4 February 1981

Computers – how to avoid litigation

£2,500 will buy you a Pet, Apple or Tandy computer from your local shop. It will have a typewriter keyboard, a display with 25 lines of 40 characters, twin floppy discs that hold about 70,000 characters of information and a slow printer.

February 1941

Honours and awards

The King has approved the award of the George Cross for great gallantry and undaunted devotion to duty to Probationary Temporary Sub-Lieutenant Jack Maynard Cholmondeley Easton, RNVR. Mr Easton was admitted in 1928 and is a partner in the firm of Wm Easton & Sons, 43 London Wall, EC2. (Easton had been badly injured while attempting to defuse a ‘parachute mine’ bomb in Hoxton, London.)