A stroll down Gazette memory lane

Gazette 10 November 2011

Cautious welcome for Norgrove review

Lawyers and judges have welcomed proposals to end the ‘culture of delay’ in the family justice system. The final report of Sir David Norgrove’s Family Justice Review recommends setting a statutory six-month limit on the time taken to resolve care cases, except in exceptional circumstances.

8 November 2001

Foot and mouth claims

The legal battle to compensate farmers and businesses for the devastating effects of foot and mouth disease is beginning with the formation of a campaign group intending to mount legal actions against the government.

6 November 1991

Liberty’s bill for the people

A bill of rights, styled as a people’s charter and aimed at tackling this country’s ‘dismal record on human rights’, was published by the civil rights group Liberty last week. The bill has drawn hearty endorsements from both main opposition parties.

11 November 1981

Postbox: conferring abroad

The annual conference of the BMA is currently being held in San Diego. Is it not possible for the Law Society to arrange its annual conference abroad? Preferably at a place with good beaches, plenty of sunshine and cheap alcohol?

November 1951

The office of the Master of the Rolls

One of the curious functions of the Master of the Rolls is that on Monday mornings at half-past ten it is the practice of litigants to come in person and address the Master of the Rolls. I have an extraordinary range of clients, if I may use that phrase.

November 1941

Presumption of death

The council learn from the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages that where a wife receives notification that her husband’s name is shown on the list of the crew of a ship lost at sea and is presumed to have lost his life, she is entitled to regard herself as a widow and to re-marry.