The Law Society Gazette, 15 March 2007

Finance fears fail to halt reform

The Legal Services Commission vowed this week to press ahead with its controversial reforms to criminal legal aid, shrugging off research it commissioned that revealed the ‘highly fragile’ financial position of many legal aid firms. The report’s publication comes ahead of a rally and lobby of parliament by defence solicitors.

12 March 1997

Mackay climbs down over fees

In an unexpected climbdown, the lord chancellor, Lord Mackay, this week accepted in full the High Court decision that declared his court fees regulations unconstitutional. His department said the government would not appeal against the judgment and pledged to reintroduce fee waivers for people on income support in county court and family proceedings.

11 March 1987

Postbox: Future of the profession

I qualified sufficiently long ago to have been schooled in the tradition that one did not proffer one’s business card unless asked for this, as to do otherwise would be touting.  Today’s qualified assistants can light their clients’ cigarettes with their firm’s matches, have cheques signed with their firm’s name and rest their coffee cups on the firm’s mat! So have we progressed into the world of modern communications.

16 March 1977

The police

As in 1918 and 1919, when the police actually went on strike, so now also, when they are demanding the legal right to strike, discontent over their pay is the occasion, as much as the cause, of their threatened rebellion.