The Law Society Gazette, 29 March 2007

Brown stamps on SDLT hopes

This was the last budget by Gordon Brown and it contained some pretty significant changes to the tax system, made in the typical manner of the chancellor – different commencement dates, intricate alterations and a general uncertainty as to whether the supposed giveaway had actually happened. Many had hoped for an increase in the thresholds for paying stamp duty land tax but none was forthcoming. The threshold remains at £125,000.

26 March 1997

Crime and police bills rushed through

The Crime and Police Bills have been rushed through their remaining stages in a flurry of activity to beat the deadline set by the 21 March prorogation of parliament. With parliament prorogued, media attention turned to the battle over whether the two major parties could legally exclude Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown from an American-style head-to-head TV debate.

25 March 1987

AIDS and the criminal law

It is a universally accepted fact that acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a fatal disease. The law can never halt a disease. However the criminal law may play a small part in protecting those potentially at risk from a carrier. What opposition there would be to prosecutions can only be guessed at.

April 1917

Solicitors (Qualification of Women Bill)

It was resolved that this bill be opposed in principle as well as on the ground that it is inopportune. The president has by the council’s desire addressed a letter to the Prime Minister requesting him to refuse to give facilities for the bill, and it was resolved that a copy of the letter should be sent to each provincial law society, with a covering letter urging that steps be taken to oppose the bill by communicating with members of parliament.