Gazette 3 February 2014

Registry in a fix

Solicitors are right to be concerned about the plan to spin HM Land Registry off into a ‘service delivery company’. What would privatisation bring to the necessarily monopolistic business of land registration? Here’s a better plan. Why not abolish the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills?

5 February 2004

KLegal intensifies split from KPMG

The KLegal group of firms has stepped up efforts to distance itself from accountancy giant KPMG, with changes in name and disbanding the international network. The UK arm, which is currently known as KLegal in England and McGrigor Donald in Scotland, will be called McGrigors nationwide.

2 February 1994

‘Hiving off’ rule relaxed

Solicitors will be allowed to offer investment business services and estate agency through entities separate from their legal practices following a loosening of the regulatory reins by the Law Society. The changes are due to take effect on 1 June.

1 February 1984

Solicitors’ building society

It seems inevitable that the so-called conveyancing monopoly will disappear. Banks and building societies will then be in a position to appropriate the property market overnight. The solution is eminently simple. Every solicitor in the UK should join forces through the Law Society to create their own building society. Overnight, it would become the largest building society in the UK.

6 February 1974

Three-day week

It is a matter of great regret that the Law Society should have made representations to the Department of Trade and Industry for exemption from the regulations relating to the use of electricity for lighting purposes. There was no merit whatsoever in the application which has already been the subject of sarcastic comment in the press. There is absolutely no reason why the legal profession should not bear its share of the burden in the present difficult times.