Law Society Gazette 7 April 2014

New setback for access to courts as fees increase

Lawyers have condemned the government’s intention to increase most civil court fees in the face of widespread condemnation of the plans.

8 April 2004

Women overtaking men in bar race

More women than men were called to the bar last year for the first time in the profession’s history, according to statistics released last week. The Bar Council’s 2003 annual report reveals that 51% of people called to the bar last year were women, up from 49% the previous year. 

11 April 1984

Conveyancing by employed solicitors

The solicitor general announced details of the government’s plans for improving the house transfer system in England and Wales. Legislation will be introduced to permit solicitors employed by organisations such as building societies and banks to undertake conveyancing on behalf of their employer’s customers. This will be preceded by consultation on how the possible conflicts of interest and anti-competitive practices which might arise could best be avoided.

April 1964

Illegitimate persons

The council will shortly be submitting evidence to the committee appointed by the lord chancellor and the secretary of state for Scotland to consider whether any alterations are desirable in the law of succession to property in relation to illegitimate persons.

April 1914

Council: Solicitors (Qualification of Women) Bill

The report of the parliamentary committee recommending opposition to this bill was brought up and adopted. Reference was made to notices which had appeared in the press to the effect that Mr Hills, the bill’s introducer, is a member of the Law Society’s Council where there was strong support for the measure. The fact that these statements had been made without the knowledge or authority of the council was recorded.