The Law Society’s Gazette, 28 October 1987

Legal aid: what future?

The willingness of legal aid practitioners to co-operate with the introduction of new schemes such as the ‘contingency legal aid fund’ or the ‘fixed costs scheme’ must be tempered by one condition, namely that on the part of the Law Society, and the profession as a whole, there must be an end to any collusion with the government in its destruction of the principles on which the system of legal aid is founded.

October 1962

Training the solicitor of tomorrowI have been impressed by the number of solicitors who during the last few months have described newly qualified men whom they have employed as ‘not much help’, ‘a dead loss’, ‘more of a liability than an asset’ or in similar terms. If, after five or six years spent in learning the law, a young solicitor can be virtually useless in more than an isolated case, our present system of training solicitors leaves no room for complacency.

Annual Practising CertificatesMembers are reminded that all practising certificates for the year 1961-62 will expire on November 15 next. Forms of declaration to lead to the issue of practising certicates for the year ending on 15 November 1963 are now available. Declarations may be lodged at the Society’s office on or after 1 October. Practising certificates cannot in any circumstances be issued by post, nor can declarations sent by post be accepted.