The Law Society’s Gazette, 11 November 1992Audience rights: the next step

After a short debate, the Law Society’s Council last week approved an application for solicitor audience rights in the higher courts. The final draft – which covers both solicitors in private practice and employed solicitors – should go to the Lord Chancellor next week. Lord Mackay is then bound by statute to pass the application directly to his advisory committee and, if it clears that hurdle, it will be considered by the four senior judges.

10 November 1982 House purchase revolution

If [solicitors] lose their statutory monopoly on legal work relating to house purchase, the Abbey National, Woolwich, Nationwide or Halifax Building Societies might all have ambitions to take on the task, but could easily be surprised by the banks. The ‘big four’ have the experience: they have already taken on much probate and trust work. The pressures for change in this direction may be formidable. The elimination of solicitor-conveyancers is forseeable, and may just be the start.

November 1942 Practising Certificates

Members are reminded that all practising certificates for the practice year 1941-1942 expire on the 15th November. The Council are aware of the considerable difficulties at present experienced in having declarations in all cases signed by the applicant personally, having regard to the great number of solicitors serving in His Majesty’s Forces.

They feel, however, that the fact that a solicitor is serving in the Forces is not necessarily of itself sufficient ground for their allowing the declarations to be signed by some other person.