The Law Society’s Gazette, November 1952The service of the law by Sir Hartley Shawcross

It was one of those first-class Pullman cars they have on these trains to Eastbourne. It was a crowded carriage as first-class carriages always are in these difficult times. Why is it that women seem more prone to travel first-class with third-class tickets than men?

Practising certificates

A short time ago we were quite unable to extract from a country solicitor any replies to repeated requests for information with regard to complaints made by various clients. It was discovered that, so far from being an irresponsible person, the solicitor in question had the laudable habit of hunting from Monday to Friday inclusive and dealing with his business affairs only on a Saturday.

November 1962 Remarkable increase in applicationsNo one can know precisely what has brought about the remarkable increase in applications for consent to enter into articles which has occurred during the past two years or so and shows every sign of continuing. Undoubtedly closer liaison with the universities has helped, but it cannot be the whole story. For one thing it cannot have affected the recruitment among non-graduates (who still represent nearly two-thirds of all those who enter into articles).

22 November 1972 Bail and public policyThe refusal of bail is, as the Lord Chancellor recently reminded us, the sole instance in peacetime of the denial of an individual’s liberty, other than on conviction. Surprisingly, and on that analysis scandalously, hard evidence from official sources about this unique power is totally inadequate to remove widespread misgivings about its exercise.

Advertisements for staff in non legal pressThe council have given further consideration to this matter and they have decided that it would be desirable to relax the present restrictions on advertisements by solicitors in the non-legal press. In future solicitors may disclose the name and address of their firm in advertisements for staff in the non-legal press, provided that the general appearance and tenor of the advertisements are such as to advertise the post, and not the firm.

24 November 1982The Senior Registrar of the Family Division issued a practice direction on 2 November announcing the start of a new scheme. This will provide a conciliation service in matrimonial suits on contested applications for custody and access, which will give the parties an opportunity to sort out their differences (in a non adversarial atmosphere) with the minimum of conflict, recrimination and bitterness.