The Law Society’s Gazette, January 1913

Official shorthand writers in courts of justice

At the Annual General Meeting of the Society a resolution was passed referring it to the Council to consider and report whether it would be desirable that official shorthand writers should be appointed in all Courts of Justice, and if so, to whom and on what terms transcripts of the notes of such shorthand writers should be supplied. The resolution has been referred to this committee.

The committee feel considerable doubt as to the advisability of the proposal. It appears to the committee that if official shorthand writers are employed in all the Courts it may be that transcripts of the evidence and of the judgment will be asked for more frequently.

The Law Society’s Gazette, January 1963

Road accident prevention and the motorist

The topic ‘Compulsory blood, breath and other tests for alcohol’ was introduced by Dr Francis Cramps, who said that the investigation of problems like road accidents by lawyers was particularly valuable since lawyers were, by reason of their professional training, prepared to take an impartial view, and this was, par excellence, a matter whose elucidation was hampered by sectarian prejudices and vested interests.

The Law Society’s Gazette, 20 January 1993

Lawyers offer £43 million savings option

A costed package of five measures aimed at cutting legal aid without diminishing access to justice was presented by the Law Society this week. The package jointly agreed with the Bar is calculated to save £43 million in 1993/94 – precisely the amount the Lord Chancellor hopes to save by cutting legal aid eligibility. Chief among the measures is the offer of a pay freeze by legal aid practitioners.

Privacy law likely in wake of Calcutt

The prospect of a new tort of privacy, and an ensuing political struggle over whether legal aid should be available for actions taken under it, moved into sight in the wake of the government’s reaction to the Calcutt report on press self-regulation.

The Law Society’s Gazette, 23 January 2003

Firms make plans for conflict in the Middle East

Lawyers are dusting down disaster recovery plans as war looms in the Middle East – but a short, decisive conflict could bring a raft of new legal opportunities, specialists told the Gazette this week.