The Law Society’s Gazette, 7 February 2008Bar Standards Board wants to abolish ‘cab rank rule’

The Bar Standards Board this week proposed the abolition of the ‘cab rank rule’ in a consultation on changes to be made in relation to the Legal Services Act 2007. BSB chairwoman Ruth Evans said: ‘We may not see barristers selling their services in the supermarket aisles quite yet, but we can expect changes in the way some organise their affairs.’

3 February 1988 ‘Startling differences’ between progress of men and women solicitors

The co-operation of the Law Society, the Solicitors Complaints Bureau and the profession in general is called for in a new report which recommends sweeping changes to improve the lot of women solicitors. Principal recommendations for the Law Society refer to lowering the cost of practising certificates and waiving the rules for granting them, while the Solicitors Complaints Bureau is asked to declare sexual discrimination a disciplinary offence.

February 1963 Letters to the editor: reorganisation of the profession

Mr Colin Dunn’s letter seems to me to point the way to a compromise solution of the long dispute about fusion. I suggest:1. One system of training for all lawyers based on the Law College Scheme (without articles)2. One qualification.3. A right of audience in any court for all lawyers.4. An option to any qualified lawyer to specialise at any time, in advocacy, or in any branch of the law, in which case he should no longer be able to engage in general practice, but could only be instructed, as advocate or consultant, as the case may be, by another lawyer.G. V. Bull

February 1913 Proceedings of the Council: Women Candidates for Admission

The Secretary reported that he had been served with four writs of summons in actions against the Society by four ladies, the writ of each case being at the suit of one lady and endorsed as follows: ‘The plaintiff’s claim is for... a declaration that she is a person within the meaning of the Solicitors’ Acts.’

A letter was read from members of the Society enclosing notices from four ladies of their intention to present themselves for the Preliminary Examination. It was resolved that the cheque be returned, and that the members be informed that in the event of the ladies presenting themselves for examination they would not be admitted.