The Law Society’s Gazette, March 1938Road traffic tribunals

The Law Society and the Bar Council made joint representations to the Ministry of Transport that the right of audience before Road Traffic Tribunals should be restricted to members of the legal profession and, in certain cases, to officials of recognised Trade Unions.

Law Society’s Gazette, March 1963 The future in Europe

Whether the future brings a renewed application from this country for membership of the EEC, or some less formal and less complete form of association, unity and cooperation are essential to Europe. Whatever shape this country’s future relationship with the Common Market takes, trade and commerce with the Six will be vital.

For that reason the EEC Restrictive Practice Rules... will have to be complied with by companies who trade with companies in the Six. It is therefore wrong to suppose that if we do not join the Common Market... Articles 85 to 90 of the Treaty of Rome can be forgotten.

A solicitor’s opportunities

The Council of the Law Society are now re-examining the whole system of training for future solicitors, to decide whether in fact the practical training being given in offices under articles of clerkship is adequate in these days, viewing the position as a whole, or whether some system other than service under articles would be preferable – something for example, in the nature of a staff college.

Law Society’s Gazette, 16 March 1988 Exemplary damages in race case

The first ever award of exemplary damages in a case brought under the Race Relations Act has been made by a Birmingham industrial tribunal. The tribunal found that Walsall Health Authority had directly discriminated against Jonathan Pratt, a British citizen born in Ghana, in failing to shortlist him for a nursing post. The award was £2,000 for injury to feelings, £2,000 for exemplary damages and £200 for loss of opportunity.

Unqualified conveyancers

At its meeting on 10 March the Council undertook a complete review of policy regarding unqualified conveyancers. This review was carried out against the background of rapid developments in this field... including the introduction of licensed conveyancers into the conveyancing market.

The climate of opinion has turned against permitting conveyancing for the public by persons who are unqualified and unregulated.