The Law Society’s Gazette, 28 April 1982The international law background to the Falkland Islands dispute

The most obvious current breach of international law relates to Argentina’s actions on Friday 2 April and following. Argentina has little right at international law to object to a British military response, for that is justified by the UN Charter. Thus, it is clear that the law is on our side, certainly on the immediate issue, and probably, because of the right of self-determination, on the substantive dispute.

20 April 1983 The Paris Conference

The Professional and Public Relations Committee of the Council gave very careful thought to the decision to hold a conference abroad, and the Paris conference sub-committee commenced its work in April 1982, to deal with this challenging task. It was soon realised that in order to achieve a successful conference in such an attractive venue as Paris, it would be necessary to provide members with adequate time to include some sightseeing.

21 April 1993 Franchising cost checks alarm

Law Society officials have expressed concern about the Legal Aid Board’s plans – outlined in the draft franchising specification – to monitor solicitors’ bills. Information on average costs of cases would be taken into account before deciding to grant a franchise. Franchise applicants would have to explain why their costs were higher than the average for that area office.

25 April 2003 Dismay as only one solicitor takes silk

Only one solicitor made the rank of Queen’s Counsel this year out of a record 121 appointments, taking the total number of solicitor QCs to eight against a backdrop of growing discontent. Since solicitors were allowed to apply for silk in 1996, 63 have done so, with a success rate of 12.5%.

24 April 2008 Police ban lawyers’ mobiles and laptops

Police stations around the country have banned solicitors from using mobile phones and laptops in custody areas, the Gazette has learned. Lawyers said the restrictions are at odds with government demands for defence solicitors to improve their efficiency.