The Law Society’s Gazette, 22 June 1988Sex discrimination should not be a disciplinary offence, says YSG

Recent recommendations by a special Law Society working party that discrimination against women solicitors should be made a disciplinary offence and tax relief should be available for child care expenses, have been rejected by the Young Solicitors Group as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unjustified’.

First national law firm announced

Four major legal practices have joined forces with a view to forming the first ever national law firm in the UK. The new firm, to be known as ‘Eversheds’, will be headed by Peter Bromage, senior partner at Evershed & Tomkinson.

The Law Society’s Gazette, June 1963 Ecclesiastical Law: the Diocesian Registrar

The general practitioner, when in doubt, is well advised to consult the nearest Registrar: it is one of the most pleasant facets of his duty to help his brother solicitors to avoid pitfalls in ecclesiastical law, when, for instance, they are drawing up a bequest or perusing an ecclesiastical title.

This fraternal disposition may perhaps point to a future trend in the profession as a whole – a trend towards more specialisation and more mutual assistance.

The Law Society’s Gazette, June 1943 Paper economy

The paper supply position is now such that it has been necessary for the Ministry of Supply to impose the following restriction, which is now operative under the provisions of the Control of Paper (No. 48) Order, 1942, viz:-No person shall in the United Kingdom use or cause to be used in the printing or making of any document, leaflet, pamphlet, report, letter, or memorandum, any greater quantity of paper than such as is reasonably required for the printing or making thereof having regard to the purpose for which and the manner in which it is printed or made.

Compensation Fund Contributions: Applications for Exemption

It is believed there are still some solicitors who intend to apply on the ground of their having been engaged on national service during the practice year 1941-42. Members are reminded that such application should be made as soon as possible and should not be deferred until the end of the current practice year.

The Roll of Honour

Moffat, Donald Robert, Captain, Royal Artillery, killed in action in North Africa. He was admitted in 1937 and at the outbreak of war was employed as Assistant Solicitor to the Town Clerk of Harrogate.