Goodness gracious. The legal world, it would appear, is a flipping disgrace when it comes to bad language in the office. According to a survey of 2,000 Brits, 42% of respondents in legal jobs swear regularly at work. The good news is this is well down the league table; a badgering sight better than the record of people who work in energy, real estate and IT, where between 61% and 65% of people describe themselves as danged foul-mouthed.

The cleanest profession? Take a bow pharmacy, where only 29% swear regularly and, as Monty Python fans know, even the word semprini is banned. Media came out suspiciously well from the survey, with a 50% sweary count. Of course, had the jolly old Gazette been surveyed the percentage would have been even lower.  

As usual with these surveys, lurking in the background is a PR company desperate to get a client’s name in the flaming papers. Obiter is happy to oblige: next time we feel the need to wash out our mouths we will buy the wherewithal from Jiminy Cricket!