The Ministry of Justice has enough detractors that Obiter is loathe to stick the boot in too much.

But we would just like to draw readers’ attention to a wonderfully ironic computer failure on the part of the comms team this morning.

Keen to secure positive headlines following the recent IT failures, the MoJ posted updates this morning on various aspects of the court modernisation programme.

The only problem? Instead of posting a document on the likely financial implications of the reforms, the MoJ accidentally uploaded a 34-page guide entitled ‘The 8 Biggest Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them’.

The error was quickly rectified, no doubt by some red-faced marketing people keen to avoid creating a ninth mistake.

MoJ marketing mistake

IT failure: The link to the 34-page guide, ‘The 8 Biggest Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them’, in MoJ's update.