Procurement documents aren’t the most exciting of reads so Obiter takes its hat off to the Legal Aid Agency, which has tried to add a bit of colour to its 124-page document for organisations applying to provide housing and debt telephone advice.

Obiter suspects one of the document’s authors is a fan of US animated sitcom The Simpsons, judging by an example to illustrate the rules.

‘Burns & Partners Ltd is the parent company of both Simpsons Ltd and Flanders Ltd and has significant control of the decision-making within each organisation,’ the example states. ‘Both Simpsons Ltd and Flanders Ltd intend to bid to deliver Contract Work in the Housing & Debt Categories of Law under a CLA Contract. Were both Applicants to bid, this would be a breach of the Rules on Connected Entities.’

A Simpsons episode where the villainous Mr Burns, owner of Springfield Power Plant, takes on the Legal Aid Agency would be a ratings hit.