Startling news reaches Obiter about lawyers’ weakness for being fooled by phishing emails and clicking on links they shouldn’t.

A PR firm contacted us yesterday on behalf of its cyber security specialist client with the shock revelation that 25% of law firm employees are prone to clicking on phising links.

This followed a test campaign run over a period of three months where lawyers were sent mock phishing links within emails and text messages. Sounds pretty comprehensive right? Except that the press release also reveals that these mock tests were carried out on a grand total of eight employees. Meaning, for those struggling with the maths, that just two people were fooled.

Such a sample size would usually rule out making any sweeping conclusions, but the cyber security experts are quoted as saying these results show people’s training in cyber awareness is not working. The suggestion, of course, is for businesses to do more around making employees aware of security risks – perhaps by engaging the services of cyber security experts.