Life in a suburban law firm is rarely dull, it seems. Attempted murder cases, firearms offences, revenge porn allegations, #MeToo disputes and even the odd mercy killing are part of the workload – at least at fictional firm ‘Goldman Law’. 

Convictions – a suspense novel that follows the trials and tribulations of solicitor Natalie Bach and sidekick Gavin Savage – was informed by author Caroline England’s experience as a divorce lawyer. ‘Specialising in matrimonial was quite an eye-opener,’ said England, writing under the name Caro Land. ‘It was great material for writing. You discover that all sorts happens behind the scenes. You are seeing people at their darkest depths.’ 

The legal sphere has also provided a host of characters. ‘I haven’t chosen any one person as I don’t want to get sued,’ England says prudently. However, glimpses of judges, barristers, clients and solicitors all feature. 

While much ink has been spilt over fictional barristers, solicitors turn up much less frequently ­– and those that do appear are rarely pleasant. (Bleak House’s Mr Tulkinghorn would have been investigated by the SRA sooner or later if he hadn’t been killed off first.)