While the Legal Ombudsman buckles under the strain of a heavy caseload, it appears the head of the organisation has time to spare. 

Wanda Goldwag, chair of the Office for Legal Complaints, was yesterday announced as the interim chair at the Leasehold Advisory Service, leading the  executive body helping people in leasehold properties and park homes. 

According to the government press release, Goldwag brings ‘extensive leadership experience and an in-depth knowledge of the legal advice sector to her new role’. The fact this experience is currently of a body reporting at least a six month delay on complaints handling is not mentioned.

There appears no limit to what Goldwag can turn her hand to. As well as housing and legal complaints, she is also a lay member of the Queen’s Counsel appointments panel and a non-executive director of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. Her previous roles include being a Civil Service commissioner - no doubt a vital job, but not one that tops most people's lists of vital public services. 

No doubt Goldwag gives each of her assignments the maximum commitment, though it is not unreasonable to ask how easy it must be to stay across every one of them. Especially when the LeO chair’s annual salary is £52,500.