More memories come in from first days in the law. Stephen Robb recalls borrowing ‘on pain of death’ a Mercedes from one of the partners in order to chauffeur another partner to a 6am meeting. ‘En route we came into contact with a dozing pheasant that met a sticky end in one of the wheel arches, leaving the car covered in feathers and other less savoury material. So on the way back we stopped at the local automatic carwash.’

Forgetting to remove the aerial. Clunk!

‘The partner (ever a joker) suggests we call in at his on the way back and he rectifies matters by shoving a metal coat hanger into the hole in the roof, leaving the very expensive Mercedes looking like it belonged on Arthur Daley’s forecourt. Luckily the comic partner confessed it was his idea of a joke.’

Obiter can’t help noticing that all the contributions to this slot so far have come from men. Would any female colleagues care to adjust the balance?