While those who thought to buy Zoom shares can presumably retire now, the rest of us must carry on working if we can – many of us from home. Virtual lawyers report varying degrees of success, punctuated often by pleas for colleagues to (kindly) mute themselves.

Many have taken to trying to brighten up the conference call with the appearance of children or pets, while others have used the technology for a virtual get-together, complete with dressing up for the occasion.

Our favourite attempt to liven things up so far is costs lawyer and mediator Jon Lord, who appeared to his team dressed, for no apparent reason, as Santa Claus. Perhaps Lord knows something the rest of us don’t about when this wretched lockdown will end?

Either way, we’d love to receive more pictures of your remote team meetings and any attempts to inject a little humour. Send your best ones to obiter@lawsociety.org.uk.