Trust a lawtech startup to spot a gap in the market. Obiter learned last week that one of the flaws of sexting (the practice of attaching explicit images to cellular telephonic text messages, m’lud) is that the recipient may one day get the urge to disseminate the content further. 

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Step forward e-gree, a smartphone app which promises to create ‘accessible, quick and safe legal contracts… in the palm of your hand’.

According to the website Sex Tech Guide, e-gree is proving popular among privacy-aware sexters. ‘Like most well-crafted written contracts, the e-gree sexting agreement expressly sets forth language to satisfy the offer, acceptance and consideration elements,’ a spokesperson tells the site. ‘This means that if you sign this contract with someone and then they leak your nudes or sexts, you could take them to court and use the “e-greement” to help your case against them.’

Obiter can think of an easier way to ensure that compromising images and texts are not shared across the web; but each to their own.