On the subject of career trajectories, does Obiter detect a hint of mischief-making in Sir Keir Starmer’s opposition front-bench reshuffle? Moving David Lammy from his justice brief – into which the Tottenham MP had firmly set his teeth – is on the surface a puzzle. Surely there is a case for demonstrating continuity in shadowing a government role that has had eight incumbents since 2010? But moving Lammy to shadow foreign secretary provided Starmer with too good an opportunity for a dig at Raab.

We should nonetheless offer congratulations to Lammy’s replacement, Steve Reed MP. While not a lawyer he can claim a solid knowledge of the sector: he spent three years as head of publishing at the Law Society.

The reshuffle involved another significant move: barrister Emily Thornberry to fill the substantial shoes of Lord Falconer of Thoroton as shadow attorney general. Falconer’s departure marks a significant break from the Blair years, in which he served as what was intended to be the last holder of the LC post.

Will this be the last we hear of Charlie Falconer? Obiter rather doubts it.