Even in these dress-down days, it seems one fashion item is still a no-no for lawyers. A survey on attitudes to visible tattoos in 13 occupations places lawyers fourth from bottom in public acceptability. Apparently, 57% of people are comfortable with tattooed lawyers, compared with 73% who think it OK for police officers to display ink. Oddly, judges score 59%.

The professions in which tattoos are less acceptable are primary school teachers, ‘political figures’ and ‘air hostesses’ (which is what flight attendants used to be called).

According to the survey, carried out for commercial property firm Savoy Stewart, 69% of people are comfortable with tattooed estate agents. Apparently, the characteristics associated with tattoo-wearing are ‘rebellious, less intelligent and unhealthy’. Would any Gazette readers care to challenge that? Suggestions, with photographic evidence if possible, to obiter@lawsociety.org.uk.