The legal profession is used to being harangued by outsiders who know little about how the law works. Now the profession is facing a pounding in the fictional world of soapland.

Residents of Coronation Street were outraged that local solicitor Imran Habeeb could defend David Platt after Gail’s son knocked out sister Sarah’s boyfriend, Gary Windass, in a charity boxing match organised to commemorate the death of Luke Britton, who everyone now knows was shot by serial killer and Eileen Grimshaw’s husband, Pat Phelan, who framed Gary’s mum Anna for attempted murder (do keep up).

In the Rovers Return for a well-deserved drink after a tough day, Imran received an earful about how lawyers are all just after the money. ‘Let’s just hope you don’t need us one day,’ he replied, as duty solicitors up and down the country cheered.

Should Imran fancy a change of scenery, Obiter advises him not to head to the Dales. Fans of Emmerdale were outraged when teenager Liv (pictured) was sentenced last week to four months in a detention centre for spiking Lisa Dingle’s drink, blaming the outcome on Liv’s ‘drunk’ solicitor. One fan tweeted that they wanted to punch the solicitor, who was described as ‘a piece of s**t!’. Another fan suggested the solicitor ‘should be taken to the village and tarred and feathered’. That’s agricultural justice for you.