Obiter can only assume solicitor Sarah Ann Magson is taking time out of her busy reality TV schedule to catch up with the Gazette every week.

Sarah ann magson

Magson: volunteered as project manager

The Apprentice candidate must have read our warning last week that the social media crowds – having seen or heard little of her for three weeks - were questioning who she was. This week she put the critics to bed by volunteering herself as project manager for a task that involved buying and selling bodybuilding equipment. 

Magson’s team came out on top with the most sales, including a £999 sauna.

It wasn’t all plain sailing however. One businessman – whose gym equipment the candidates offered to sell – was concerned that Magson was more interested in paying the lowest possible price as opposed to asking questions and finding out about the product’s quality.

We are sure she is more discerning in her day job.