Obiter has been enjoying BBC family law drama The Split, but has found viewers’ – especially lawyers’ – reactions more entertaining. The show continues to attract criticism from family specialists over its legal accuracy. Mark Harrop, a senior associate at Collyer Bristow in London, tweeted: ‘I’m not convinced The Split is 100% accurate. We’re two episodes in and so far no one has spent half an hour on hold calling [regional divorce centre] Bury St Edmunds.’

The split

However, Brent Molyneux QC, who specialises in divorce, points out: ‘It’s a drama about family with family law as a peg on which to hang it; it’s not a CPD course. People are bright. They know it’s fiction. Just enjoy it.’

No one has told the Daily Mail, however, which is reporting developments with the enthusiasm it usually devotes to miracle cures and benefits fraud. According to a headline, viewers were ‘left baffled’ over episode featuring a love child, an illicit kiss and a drunken Nerf gun fight’.

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