With so many of us working from home, all firms face the task of ensuring staff stay active and happy during these weeks.

East of England firm Tees Law has one solution: a walking challenge for all home workers to boost team spirit, stay healthy and take advantage of government guidance to allow one period of exercise a day.

The firm set the aim of staff collectively walking twice around the world, with one member from each of its sixth firms coordinating their team’s daily effort and reporting on progress. As of yesterday, the firm had virtually made it as far as New Delhi in India – roughly 5,000 miles.

Managing director Ashton Hunt (pictured above with his wife Julia) told the Gazette: ‘For a couple of years we have been doing Fitbit challenges in the office, creating healthy competition between teams.

‘With the prospect of people working from home for the first time, I was very aware there are considerable upsides but considerable pitfalls that everybody falls into. I wanted to find a vehicle for everybody to get engaged.’

The challenge has encouraged communication through teams’ WhatsApp groups and stopped employees feeling isolated, as well as fostered a little rivalry between teams. Three staff members have achieved more than 100,000 steps since the start of last week, with one managing 63 miles on her own.

The firm was in any case intending to make a donation to its chosen charity, Mind, as part of the challenge but may now open a JustGiving page if it continues to be successful.