We may only be a few weeks into the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing, but if the BBC is looking for contestants for next year’s line-up, an unexpected contender has emerged.

Obiter was pleasantly surprised to discover that Lady Justice Hallett, who retired as vice-president of the Court of Appeal criminal division this month, is a fellow Strictly fan.

She told colleagues at her valedictory ceremony that happiness was sitting on the sofa, sipping a glass of Burgundy with her husband, watching the show. ‘I’m a Strictly fan. I love the sets, the lighting, the music, the costumes and the drama.’ But most of all she admires the willingness of the celebrities to take on a new challenge.

The former Judicial College chair reckons specialist lawyers could learn a thing or two from the likes of comedian Chris Ramsey, EastEnders’ Emma Barton and BBC presenter Mike Bushell (pictured).

‘Do not fear a different jurisdiction. We all qualified as general lawyers once and dogs can learn new tricks. If we challenge ourselves and others, we may be surprised at the result.’

Obiter would love to see Hallett LJ don sequins and show off her dance moves in front of judges Craig, Motsi, Shirley and Bruno. Instead, she’ll be preparing to take her seat in the House of Lords.