The Supreme Court is on a mission to boost diversity. Advertising its latest judicial vacancy, it noted the predominance of white men on the bench and urged the ‘widest range’ of candidates to apply for the role ahead of the retirement of Lady Black of Derwent in January. 

Obiter fears the court may have got a little carried away, however, when it decided to announce the vacancy on Instagram – an app where 90% of users are under 35.

While the senior judiciary does have something of an age problem – Supreme Court judges are forced to retire at 70 – Obiter wonders if the court’s Instagram devotees will have the experience and gravitas to truly thrive in the role. Then again, with no minimum age limit, it could be all to play for.

The court's Instagram post also includes a link to a Youtube video in which president of the Supreme Court, Lord Reed, explains the role. Perhaps a TikTok video will be next.